• elfpunk999

Every Artist Needs a Voice

Whether you are writing, vloging, or simply willing your art to speak for itself as an artist you need to have a voice that is all your own.

Welcome to the place where I will let my voice be heard... read... something like that. As a digital artist it is hard for me to convey my voice through my pieces and as an artist suffering from anxiety and crippling self doubt it is even harder for me to find my voice to say anything about anything because in my head my voice is not my own. My inner monologue is read by Loki... its both entertaining and distracting if I'm going to be honest.

I will hopefully fill this space with my own words and thoughts on art, the great wide world web, maybe pass on some helpful hints that I've picked up but it will mostly be the unfiltered ramblings of a fandom crazed individual. So look out and keep checking in for more from the mind of Elfpunk.

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